Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eligibility for Summary Divorce

If your marriage is not too old and there are no children in the marriage then you can opt for a summary divorce. However, there are certain requirements that you need to full fill in order to be eligible for a summary divorce. A summary divorce is the best divorce to take when the marriage is not older than 5 years and have no children or huge assets to divide. Every state has their guidelines for filing a summary divorce, and there are guidelines to follow if you are planning for a summary divorce.

summary divorceA summary divorce is completely different from traditional divorces. The end result might be same but then the process is quite different. The benefits of summary divorce is that there is very less paper work required for the divorce, fewer appearances in court, less time consuming and very cheap. As there is very less paper work involved, you can save money in the filing costs. Apart from this, as there are no custody or property matters to discuss, a summary divorce takes very less time to finalize.
As the requirement for summary divorce varies from state to state, you need to consult your divorce attorney to find the specific requirement.
Given below are the general requirements for summary divorce:
  1. The divorcing couple should be married for some time. ( 5 years or less)
  2. There should be no children in the marriage be it adopted or natural
  3. The couple should not have any "real property interests” which means that they are not owner of a house or mortgage a house.
  4. The total worth of the marital property should not exceed more than a certain amount. Mostly the designated amount in such scenario is between $25000 to $35000 excluding the assets you own from motor vehicles.
  5. The total worth of either spouse's individual property should not exceed a given amount.
  6. Both the spouses should have given up rights for spousal support.


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