Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What You Can Do Out of These Colored Pencils?

Peter Brown, a woodworker from Santa Rosa, California, USA, has created a very clever project using colored pencils which recently made him popular after he shared his work online.
Wonder what he made out of the colored pencils? He turned it into a fashionable colorful ring!

Step wise Procedure :
Step 1: Took a 12 piece box of colored pencil

Step 2: Stick them together using glue and let them dry

Step 3: Drill a hole according to the size of his finger

Step 4: Cut the portion of the pencil with the hole

Step 5: Shape it carefully using a lathe


Step 6: Finish it by using a spray lacquer

And here’s his made “Colored Pencil Ring!

Watch the video below for more detailed:


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