Friday, October 19, 2012

Why are Most Divorces Filed by Women

Generation ago, there were less women who filed for divorce. They were financially reliant on their husband and had fear about social dishonor of the divorce. But these days, women are career oriented, less financially reliant on their husband and do not have the fear the social dishonor of divorce. Now women are cultured, educated and empowered which do not allow them to accept abuse or a marriage, which is not fulfilling their needs. Below are given a few more reason why are most divorced filed by women these days.

Incompatibility: This reason indicates the couple has reached to the point where they can not go longer in their marriage

Seek Relief from an Awful Marriage: These days if women feel they will no longer deal with the continuous stress of an awful marriage, they will directly file for a divorce and move ahead in their life. Now the happiness of women is not longer tied to whether she is married or not. There was time, though women were unhappy with their marriage, they did not file for divorce.

Women are Less Broadminded of Unfaithfulness: Now a day, expectations of women of their husband are great because of her financial security as well as their ability to recognize what makes her happy. One of such expectation is fidelity. Only some women accept unfaithfulness in their marriage. Both husband and wife share the financial burdens in their life to keep the family together. Both of them fulfill the demands of their careers. Both work in a similar way. Before, if a husband cheated and showed unfaithfulness, women used to accept it. But these days, women are less tolerant of infidelity and file for divorce.

Several women who experience physical or verbal or emotional abuse file for divorce. Others experience physical threats after taking the divorce. There are a few women and their children have to hide from their partners to escape mistreatment. Divorce guide for women can help such women by providing information about where to turn in such situations.


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